Meet our directors

Michael Ferris | Director Torquay

Michael loves people. He loves to meet new people and immensely enjoys the relationships that are established through his role as Director. “The people I work with are more than just clients”. He says “I find the relationships both powerful and humbling.” So much so that many of the ‘clients’ that Michael has helped have become friends and even mentors. “They are like extended Cyan family members.” And nothing gives Michael more joy than family. Michael’s fiancé Eliza both share the passion of owning real estate business’s and they live and breath their careers. It is so important to have support from your family and to have the same goals in life. We love what we do and we get to do it together,

Eager to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life, Michael actively pursues improvement of his skills in a range of physically demanding sports such as Track days at Philip Island, snowboarding and dirt bike riding with equally as much intensity as his desire to excel in his profession. “There is so much to learn, personally. I really love participating in professional and personal improvement.”

Rightfully proud of the reputation the business and brand has achieved since it launched in Torquay, Michael prides himself on his frank approach. “There is no sugar coating or inflating prices for the sake of winning a listing,” he says “but at the same time, this business is not just about the numbers, it is about the relationships and service.” And much as Michael is justifiably proud of his business, it is the people that matter most.

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